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About Us


“Girios grybas” is a Lithuanian company established in 2006. Following the recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation, our mission is to uphold one of the most important parts of Lithuanian heritage cuisine – mushroom preservation.

Our production found its place on a table of tapas among the finest cheeses, fruits and olives as well as next to selected wines and other exquisite beverages.

We pickle only selected wild mushrooms in order to bring forest freshness to your table. Advanced preservation methods ensure the exclusive aroma of each sort of mushroom and allow to enjoy it at any season.

For those in search of gourmet kitchen experiences we suggest our line of dried mushrooms. Shred dried mushrooms maintain their nutrition and are exciting spices helping to renew and enrich the flavor of your daily meals.

All our production is preservative-free and has only natural traditional flavor supplements, in accordance with all European Union standards.